Bogdan Zhvalevskyi is a Ukrainian photographer and light technician who lives and works in Vienna. 
He specialises in photography, digital photo processing and Light. 

   - CAP 74024 Online (Light Technician)
   - L'Officiel Austria (Light Technician)
   - ACTIVE BEAUTY Magazine (Light Technician)
   - VOLANT Magazine (Photographer)
   - The Ukrainians Online Magazine (Photographer)

   - L'OFFICIEL Austria
   - Alice Berg
   - Hilde Van Mas
   - ACTIVE BEAUTY Magazine
   - Colliers International
   - F6 The Open Factory
   - PARTUS Press
   - LaGalleria Luxury Boutiques (Armenia)
   - The Next Models Agency (Austria) 
   - Q25 Fashion Boutique 
   - Art-Podium Model Agency 
   - Entners Am See (Austria)
   - Mad Machine Magazine (Germany)
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